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Quantum Workstation System

Height Adjustment Options

The Quantum Workstation Base is available in Fixed Height, Winder Handle Height Adjustment & Full Sit/Stand Electronic Height Adjustment with the ability to use a combination of fixed height and adjustable height adjustment options in each set of workstations.

Sit/Stand Electric Height Adjustment Details
Height Range: 620 - 1270mm
Weight Rating: 160kg on Straight / 240kg on 90 Degree & 120 Degre Corner Workstations
Speed: 38mm per Second Travel
Safety: Piezo Anti Collision Built in.
Controller (Standard) Paddle up/down Drive with 2 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth connectivity.
Controller (Premium) Paddle Up/Down Drive with 4 Memory Positions, LED Diode Reminder, Bluetooth Connectivity, Height Display
Connectivity: Desk Control App (for iOS and Android)
Autodrive Feature: Desk Auto Drives to a preset height by itself (Using the App)
Colours: Any Dulux Powdercoat for the Frame.
Cable Ducting: Segregated Cable Ducting and Leg to Screen Brackets Available.

The Quantum Base comes with a 10 year warranty on Components & 5 Years on Electrical and is Proudly Made in Australia with full AFRDI Certification

Screen Options
The Quantum System can be used with any of our Sierra screen panel systems - 35mm, 50mm & 75mm Thick. The 50mm & 75mm Screen Systems can be internally Ducted to Carry soft wired or hard wired Power & Data Cabling with Outlets flush mounted to the surface.

Screen Accessories
A wide range of accessories are available including Shelves, Trays and a variety of pots.

Tops and Furniture
All Tops can be made to suit your specific requirements with Cable Scallops, rounded corners and any other options to suit your projects specific requirements in a wide range of Laminex Colours.

Storage units including Mobile Pedestals and Caddies, Lockers and Shelving units can be manufactured to match your colour requirements in our own Furniture Factory.